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My role model Essay

To me a role model is someone in my life that has influenced me in a positive way. They help shape the way I am in the present and what I am going to be in the future. They are some one that I can look forward for advice in a tough situation and I know that they will give me advices with wisdom. They will never judge me on my past but only look to help because they really do care about me. Some one who I never feel awkward talking to about my problems because I know that it will not change their view of me and they will not reveal any information about me to other unrelated person or someone who are nosey. A role model should be sincere and not out for there own good but the good of others. I think that they should be older then I am because they need to have more experience then I do and need to have a deeper insight. It would be pointless to have a role model who knows less then me. Read more: My role model essay But apart from my parents, , teachers or very best friends like Brian Lee really do care about me a lot, there is nobody should be deserved to have a talk about, or can drag my attraction, or makes me change my personality and reach more achievements. I don’t have a real one honestly, but I would be searching for him or her! ( You must feel surprised that why do I write such a short paragraph this timeï Å )

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One area that I have difficulty with is in making and writing compositions

I am writing this letter to share with you my learning experiences in your class and how much I have enjoyed being in your class. I have had difficulty with my previous language subjects and somehow, I was skeptical about having to take another English class. However, I was terribly wrong; I did learn so much from all the coursework, all the activities and all the interaction in class.One area that I have difficulty with is in making and writing compositions, I do not know how to express my ideas and opinions convincingly before this class. I also was ignorant of the rules and standards of using sources and how cite materials that I researched. I would say that the greatest skill I have gained from this class in terms of writing is how to correctly paraphrase and summarize my ideas as well as to give credit to works that I have used in my essay.All throughout this semester and from the activities that we had, I found that I am good at analyzing statements and ideas of other people. I probably would say that my greatest strength as a writer is to be able to critically analyze arguments to support my opinions and assumptions.As such, the skill that I have used to my advantage is integrating the words of famous personalities into my essay which also gives my essay a distinct quality. Despite the immense number of skills and knowledge I have gained in this class, I also know that I still need to improve on my writing ability and to specifically be able to decide and write the necessary components of my research portfolio. I know that I really have to work on it and I am more confident now that I can attain my goals in this aspect.When I evaluate my performance in your class, I know that I have done well and that I deserve to have an A. I know you might think that I am too brazen to say that but I know that I have done all of my homework, I never missed a quiz; I even did the extra credit tasks. I also participated actively in the writing lab; I interacted with my c lassmates and during discussions. Moreover, I listened attentively to the lectures and discussions, I asked questions when I did not understand something and I always came to class early.I know that you would be evaluating our performance and behavior in your class, but I would like to tell you that even if you feel that I don’t deserve the A I am aspiring for, then I would gladly respect your judgment. I know that the amount of learning I have gained in your class will be something that will stay with me and will be very helpful in my future courses, of which I am already very thankful to you.Sincerely yours,Your name

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Analysis of an Advertisement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Analysis of an Advertisement - Essay Example Sisley is a multinational company operating in major nations throughout the world. The company deals with clothing and jewelry. In the recent years, it has made progress in its fashion products because of the differentiation of products it formulated. This also made it to segment its market and attract fashion female addicts. However, my problem with the company and product is associated with their advert. They tend to associate their target consumers with certain behaviors, which is not good. Their latest advert portrayed their target consumers in a negative way since they associated them with drugs as shown in the image below. The advert is an association of the target groups with drugs, cocaine. It portrays fashion addicts as cocaine addicts. For instance, the word fashion is misspelled to â€Å"Fashioin.† This was intentional to make it rhyme with cocaine. It depicts two women snorting cocaine. It also features a white dress, which is arranged to resemble cocaine. Similarly, there is also a white powder in the JPMorgan chase cards resembling cocaine. The accompanying text for the advert is, â€Å"Sisley Fashioin Junkie.† The target audience for the advert is young women who are fashion addicts. The advert features the picture of two beautiful women who are at their young ages hence acting as the target audience. The advert also uses bold textual techniques in selling their fashion products. The text has the name of the company as well as the altered spelling of fashion. This brings attention to the audience, hence capturing them. The advert is very effective in reaching its target. Its controversy in portraying the target consumers as cocaine addicts makes many consumers aware of its existence because many discuss it. Similarly, it attracts attention since many consumers are eager to find out what is going on and its nature. This makes it attract attention, hence reaching the target. The advert is not ethical. It depicts its target consumers in a negative

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The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins - Coursework Example Anne Catherick is â€Å"the woman in white† in the book (Pykett, 40). She is mentally ill and is locked up in a psychiatric hospital. She has a striking resemblance to her sister Laura Fairlie. She escapes from the asylum. It is after the escape that she meets with the main character in the story Walter Hartright on his way to work at the Limmerage House. Laura also falls in love with Walter when he moves to Limmerage House in Cumberland to work as a drawing master. She is however bound to her secretive and mysterious husband Sir Percival Glyde, who at times assaults her, but even the law cannot protect her. Glyde tells his best friend Count Fosco of the resemblance between Laura and Anne. They come up with a scheme switch Laura’s identity with that of her sister Anne after Anne’s death. The plan succeeds, and Glyde then inherits Laura’s marriage settlement worth 20,000 pounds. When Walter returns from Honduras, he is determined to restore Laura’s real identity. While doing his researches, Walter discovers that Glyde was a con. His title and property were illicit. Glyde suspects Walter is about to discover his secret. He tries to destroy the registry entry to hide his secret. In the process, the church burns down and Glyde dies in the fire. Walter confronts Laura’s mother and learns that Anne and Laura have the same father. Fosco tries to flee from the country, but Walter catches him and forces him to write a confession that can enable him restore Laura’s identity. Their son becomes the heir of Limmerage. (Pykett, 127). As seen through the experiences that Anne, Laura and other female characters go through in the book, Wilkie Collins paints a picture of a society that mistreats and oppresses women just because of their gender. Women undergo many forms of mistreatments including assaults by their husbands to denial of the rightful inheritances by their male siblings. Through the book, the writer paints a

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COMPETITORS ANALYSIS AIRLINES INDUSTRY - Research Paper Example It will start a new platform in 2012, which it expects to produce additional purchases of tickets (Delta, 2011, p.7). It will also change its â€Å"distribution from a commodity approach to a differentiated and merchandised approach† (Delta, 2011, p.7). It believes that new merchandising initiatives that it is implementing, chiefly through, will produce additional revenue opportunities and enhance the purchasing experience of customers (Delta, 2011, p.7). Its main goal is to provide customers with opportunities to buy what they value, like â€Å"first class upgrades, economy comfort seating, WiFi access and SkyClub passes† (Delta, 2011, p.7). Delta also aims to reach amplified traffic on through a mixture of advertising revenue and transactions of third party products and services such as car rentals, hotels, and trip insurance (Delta, 2011, p.7). Its net income for 2011 was $854 million, which is $261 million higher than 2010 (Delta, 2011, p.27). US Airways Group is a holding company whose main business activity is operating a major network air carrier through its 100%- owned subsidiaries â€Å"US Airways, Piedmont Airlines, Inc. ("Piedmont"), PSA Airlines, Inc. ("PSA"), Material Services Company, Inc. ("MSC") and Airways Assurance Limited ("AAL")† (US Airways, 2011, p.5). It operates the fifth largest airline in the United States, which is measured by domestic revenue passenger miles ("RPMs") and available seat miles ("ASMs") (US Airways, 2011, p.6). It had around 53 million passengers for its mainline flights in 2011 (US Airways, 2011, p.6). For the same year, its mainline operation provided frequently scheduled service or seasonal service at 133 airports while the US Airways Express network served 156 airports in the United States, Canada and Mexico, including 78 airports also served by our mainline operation (US Airways, 2011, p.6). In 2011, it earned net income of $71 million, which

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When Hackers Turn to Blackmail Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

When Hackers Turn to Blackmail - Article Example Paul Layman, the CEO of Sunnylake, is in a quandary as to the options available to address the dilemma. Mr. Layman is faced with the following alternative courses of action: (1) pay the ransom fee of $100,00 to the hackers to immediately regain access to the system; (2) improve security system by changing access controls, installing power backups, increase defense in depth strategy, employ encryption of data during transmission, strengthen antivirus, power and data back-up systems, firewalls, employs a highly competent human resource, passwords, and other computer security software, as needed; (3) disclose critical information to stakeholders; and (4) go back to manual processing of health care records. After reviewing and evaluating the case facts including the expert advice of three commentators, Mr. Layman would be is the best position to do the following action. The advice of Richard L. Nolan is the most viable and consistent with the code of business ethics. First and foremost, Mr. Layman should decide once and for all that paying the hacker should not be considered at any cost. Conceding to their demands would make them vulnerable to future security breaches. Further there, there is no guarantee that these hackers would stick to their words. Concurrently, the stakeholders must be informed of the situation to make them aware of dilemma that hospital is currently addressing. At the same token, IT personnel must round the clock to upgrade and fully secure their information system to ensure that this would never happen in the future. The present system’s loopholes should all be corrected including installation of a dependable back up system and business continuity plan in case of emergency situations.  

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A summary of Death of the Duopoly Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

A summary of Death of the Duopoly - Essay Example Gillepsie and Welch point out that these parties will always be around, but voters also have the ability to make their own stance. Economists recognize the Republican and Democratic parties as being the longest-lived duopoly. However, they have not considered that this duopoly may meet the same end as duopolies before them, which is that a collusion of interests will bring about a revolt of the customers. Gillepsie and Welch use Kodak and Fujifilm as an example. Kodak was a huge, unbeatable name until Fujifilm came along, but the two held their ground as a strong duopoly in a way that economists believed was unbreakable. Unfortunately, Kodak and Fujifilm began to drop and fell completely with the rise of digital cameras and software. Like other duopolies, Kodak and Fujifilm treated their customers like â€Å"captives,† leaving them no choice in what they can buy and what they would pay. With the rise of digital technology and more options for customers, the duopoly fell entirely. The government, while a duopoly, does not face the same changes and downfall as Kodak and Fujifilm since it does not depend on customers to obtain its money. They can still meet an end, though, as their customers (the taxpayers) find an alternative method by â€Å"creating angry and effective coalitions to confront the status quo.† This does not necessarily mean that Republicans and Democrats will just disappear in the immediate or distant future, given their guaranteed revenue stream and their ability to do what they must to survive. However, the voters have a similar ability to create new methods that have made, and are still making, the political duopolists

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Discuss the impact of the USA's economy crisis on one or more Essay

Discuss the impact of the USA's economy crisis on one or more countries around the world. You may use USA as one country, but select at least one other - Essay Example Randall Filer, a professor of economics at Hunter College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, stated that the financial competitiveness of some developed countries might increase despite the US economy crisis. In Martin Savidge’s newscast, WORLDFOCUS, Randall Filer specifically named Frankfurt and London as those that might benefit from the crisis. Financial contagion is a situation in which a faltering economy in one country causes otherwise healthy economies in other countries to have problems (â€Å"Financial Contagion†). A study on the financial contagion effects of the US subprime crisis on developed countries, by Horta, Mendes and Vieira, confirmed Randal Filer’s predictions (26). They found out that the financial markets in Canada, Japan, Italy, France and the UK present significant levels of contagion; as opposed to the German and Portuguese insignificant market levels of contagion (Horta et al. 26). The findings suggest the increasing dependence towards the US market, even for developed countries. The countries of the Third World can be divided into three groups: those developing rapidly, those developing moderately, and those whose economies are not developing at all (Epping 116). Those that are rapidly developing are called Newly Industrialized Countries (NICs), which include Brazil, Argentina, Hong Kong, Israel, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, and Taiwan. The moderately developing nations compose the bulk of the Third World. The most populous of this group are India, China, Indonesia and Malaysia. And finally, the group that does not develop at all includes those countries found in sub-Sahara Africa. These countries have so few resources and so little money that development is almost impossible. Developing countries borrow money to build new infrastructures and industries in hopes of producing enough exports to pay back

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US Correctional System Essay Example for Free

US Correctional System Essay A correctional system is a network of legal agencies with granted authority to make pronouncements on legal issues geared toward administration of justice within a prison setting or a parole system. The goals of this system are to punish the perpetrators of criminal activities through various mechanisms, to protect the general population from harms associated with crimes, and finally to transform criminals into responsible, law abiding and productive citizens through well structured rehabilitation programs. This paper will focus on how the correctional system is utilized to achieve the above mentioned objectives and investigate which strategy between punishment and rehabilitation is the most effective in reducing crime. Punishment of those proved guilty of bleaching the law is a major goal of the correctional system and serves as a deterrent against one repeating an offence in addition to suppressing criminal thoughts of others who might be contemplating evil (eHow, Inc, 2010). A good number of mechanisms are applied and incarceration is the most common. It entails imprisonment or confinement of criminals in facilities such as prisons, local jails for persons convicted in state courts, federal prisons for those convicted in federal courts, and several residential institutions including training schools for juveniles. Another form of punishment is probation which is a sentencing option for offences of lesser magnitude and offers a second chance to first time offenders to reconstruct their behavior. Criminals who serve under this sentence have been convicted of crimes but have served only a part of the sentence in prison or not at all. Persons on probation are required by the court to adhere to certain conditions and guidelines under the supervision of a probation officer. These conditions include abiding to a curfew, living at a specified place or not leaving the jurisdiction at all, subjection to community service, and obeying the orders of the probation officer among other conditions. Probation can be seen as a suspension of a sentence during which, the offender is accorded liberty conditioned on behavior change with the state having the obligation of assisting the offender to maintain commendable conduct (Sutherland, Cressey Luckenbill, 1992). Death penalty as a form of punishment was re-instated in 1976 and it is almost exclusively used for crimes of murder (Bryant, 2003). Over the course of time, several amendments on this law have been made with several states implementing new laws which allow death sentence for the rape of a minor. Other statutes allow death penalty for non-murder crimes including treason, placing a bomb near a bus terminal, aircraft hijacking, and drug trafficking, among others. Different methods of execution have been prescribed by the federal government and the 37 states that have statutes allowing death penalty (Regoli Hewitt, 2009). These methods are electrocution, lethal injection, firing squad, hanging, and lethal gas, though no states provide for either of the last three as the sole method of execution. Rehabilitation is an approach entrenched within the correctional system and is meant to punish offenders in a more positive way with the understanding that the offenders are sick and require gradual cure and reconstruction of their moral and social discipline before their release. This strategy is taken to be an effective mechanism of shifting a criminal from being a liability to the society to being an asset. It can be accomplished through vocational training, drug rehabilitation treatment, and counseling (eHow, Inc, 2010). Vocational training for instance offers criminals a chance to acquire a variety of job skills which consequently shapes them into productive members of the society and helps them to fight hopelessness, lack, and low self esteem which they might be struggling to overcome. Counseling is also a viable method of rehabilitating criminals and can be done either individually or in groups. Group counseling aims at triggering a positive influence among criminals by sharing the wide niche of experience from its members. Group activities and interactions also help significantly in providing solutions to the problems among peers such as how to break links of ealier relationships with undesirable people. Drug addiction and alcoholism is also a menace that has jeopardized cohesive existence and has threatened state security. There are a staggering number of drug rehab centres whose goal is to assist drug addicts and alcoholics heal physically, mentally, socially and spiritually and re-establish themselves in a drug and alcohol-free setting (treatment- links. net, 2010). To a great extent, capital punishment and long term imprisonments play a significant role as deterrent and incapacitation approaches against crimes. However, these strategies do not serve to heal the society from all facets of social relationships. According to Braithwaite, a legal system that relies on punishing criminals as the major approach of curbing crime, is destined for failure since it does not incorporate the voice of the victim (2002). From my point of view, the rehabilitation approach carries a lot of potential in reducing criminal activities as it provides the criminal with a second chance of becoming a better and resourceful person through acquisition of skills and advice that fits his or her needs. Rehabilitation scores a major goal of ensuring that the offender gets a chance of acquiring some form of education, phsycological support, and treatment in case of drug addiction. Consequently, this can be more effective in eradicating the urge to go back to criminal activities. In addition, rehabilitation generates a sense of healing and new life both to the offender and to the community after successful reformation. With regard to punishment, fear of being punished does not offer any better solution to criminal activities Braithwaite(2002). Rehabilitation therefore goes an extra mile in meeting the goals of the correctional system. References Braithwaite, J. ( 2002). Restorative justice and responsive regulation. Newyork: Oxford University Press US. Bryant, C. (2003). Handbook of Death and Dying. New Orleans: SAGE. eHow, Inc. (2010).Role of the Correctional System. Retrieved June 4, 2010, from http://www. ehow. com/about_5087269_role-correctional-system. html Regoli, R. , Hewitt, J. (2009). Exploring Criminal Justice: The Essentials. Boston: Jones Bartlett Learning. Sutherland, E. H. , Cressey, D. R. , Luckenbill, D. (1992). Principles of criminology. Newyork : Rowman Altamira. treatment-centers. net. (2010). Drug Addiction Treatment Centers, Alcohol Rehab Programs, Dual Diagnosis and Addiction Treatment Resources. Retrieved June 4, 2010, from http://www. treatment-centers. net/

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Attack Essay Example for Free

Attack Essay Attack is a poem written in 1917 by Siegfried Sassoon while he was convalescing from his wounds in a hospital in Scotland. He was a soldier who fought in the First World War. Attack is a short, 13-line poem written in speech rhythm with some rhyme. The poem is described in a very vivid way which makes the reader think that the author himself witnessed the scene. The poem begins with the poet describing the setting of the poem. The landscape is in a battlefield where there are still remains of previous battles. The poet pictures it in a way that makes the scene very menacing and uncomfortable. The poem goes on with the soldiers fighting in the attack with their hopes struggling in the midst of war. Sassoon then ends the poem with an impassioned plea, O Jesus, make in stop! One major technique that the author uses in order to convey of the horror of the battlefield and what it seemed to be like to be in an attack is literal and figurative imageries. Examples of literal images are the ridge emerges, bombs and guns and shovels and battle-gear, lines of grey, muttering faces. The poet uses very striking diction that makes the poem sounds more uncomfortable, for example, scarred slope. The colour of the atmosphere is described as dun and wild purple which accentuates on the menacing atmosphere of the setting. The verbs at the beginning of the poem are very significant as they seem to be particularly strong in this poem, like the description of the tank creep and topple over the ridge, the barrage that roars and lifts or the men who jostle and climb to, etc. On the other hand, the poet also uses a lot of figurative images. These figurative images include: time ticks blank and busy on their wrists, and hope, with furtive eyes, , flounders in mud, etc. These images help to personify and emphasize the meaning of the poem, for example, in line 11: While time ticks blank and busy on their wrists The figurative image here delivers the meaning of the soldiers while fighting in the attack, are not aware of the time and how it ticks blankly and busily on their wrists. These two adjectives creates an alliteration that further emphasizes the meaning of how the soldiers are just spending meaningless time on the battlefield, forgetting who they are and what they do. Furthermore, the same kind of hopelessness is caught by the image of the time ticks blank and busy. This idea is brought out to us more clearly by the two last lines of the poem. Hope is personified as something with furtive eyes and grappling fists that flounders in mud, as if to compare it to the soldiers. The short statement, flounders in mud is also mentioning the solders falling down and dying in the attack. The impassioned plea at the end by the author seems to have a great effect on the readers as it shows the emotions and how sincerely the poet wants everything of this to stop. The mood of this poem if mostly menacing to the readers, it somehow makes us sympathize for the soldiers. Seeing the images of the attack, it also seems to have an emotive effect on the readers. The punctuations in the poem also help the poem to create a bigger effect of this. In many lines, a caesura is used to make the previous sentence emphasized and creates suspense as well as having a greater effect on the readers. Overall, Siegfried Sassoon has showed through the poem Attack shows how the soldiers have to go to the battlefield to fight on the lands of previous battles, having time ticking through and as they fall down, their hope also flounders, leaving them with their faces muttered, their fists grappling

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PESTEL and SWOT Analysis of Homebase

PESTEL and SWOT Analysis of Homebase Homebase is the UKs second largest home improvement retailer and is recognised for choice, style and customer service across the wider home enhancement market. It has more than 300 large, out-of-town stores throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland, and is planning to add to its store chain with around 15 new stores a year. It sells over 30,000 products across DIY and decorating, home and garden ranges, and has a growing internet offering. Homebase serves over 70 million customers per year through its stores and offers customers the convenience of home delivery for bulky, high-value items. Its Ideas magazine is the number one home interest magazine in the UK, with a circulation of almost half a million. In 2006 Homebase won Britains Best Superstore Manager of the Year at Britains Best Retailer Awards and in 2005 it was awarded DIY Retailer of the Year in the National Home Awards. Homebase was the first UK DIY retailer to achieve Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody certificati on. More information on Homebase can be found on Situation analysis With sales of nearly  £6bn in the past financial year, Home Retail Group is the leading home and general merchandise retailer in the UK. Although company is already the number one in many of its product categories, there is still potential to increase its market share. Our combined position accounts for just 10% of a market valued at  £60bn. As many of these markets are fragmented and its market share has built quickly, there are further opportunities for growth. Homebase proves theres No Place Like Home for charities In August 2006 Homebase launched its first two year partnership with Marie Curie Cancer Care ( and the Irish Cancer Society in the Republic of Ireland (, under the banner of Theres no place like home ; The charities were chosen in a company-wide staff ballot where 39% of Homebase staff voted to support them ; The aim of the two year partnership was to raise  £500,000 to pay for 25,000 hours of home nursing. Homebase staff and customers have exceeded all expectations in the first year of the partnership, smashing the original target and raising an astonishing  £78 5,000 already ; Over the past 12 months, the campaign has seen everything from head shaves and dress down days to staff abseiling down buildings for the charities. The money raised in the first year will help to provide a fantastic 39,250 hours of nursing. External Analysis-Macro Environment Political Employment rate in UK is increased to 74.7% since the last year and it is suppose to increase as well at the end of the current year which could be beneficial for the company because the purchasing power of the customers has increased and at the same time it will increase the cost of the company by increasing the pay rate of their own employees. Terrorism is also affecting the customer little bit but it increases the online sale. If the company go in the developing countries for manufacturing, it may reduce the cost because the low pay rate in the developing countries at the same time it may affect the reputation of the company. Economical Consumer price inflation rose up to 2.2% in January 2008 influenced by the oil and food prices which can influence the price strategy of the organization as well as the promotion and distribution and also can effect the purchasing power of the consumer. Oil prices are increasing rapidly in these days and the prices has been reached to its record which increases the cost and in return the high prices. The value of dollar against Euro is decreasing which can affect the profit margin. Social The rate of population in UK is increasing dramatically which is a big cause of unemployment. Increasing number of visitors especially on London Olympics 2012 can be a opportunity to sponsor time or individual and increase globally the companys image and recognition. Technological Due to the increasing internet awareness among the customer the online sale is increasing day by day. It saves the time and cost as well. 52% of business suffered a malicious premeditated e-security breach during 2005 which can affect the customer data, as well as the customer trust to by online. It can affect the reputation of the brand. After the introduction of the new security system PayPalà ¯Ã†â€™Ã‚ ¢ the online payment from credit card has become more secure which increase the customer confidence on the brand which increase the reputation of the brand. Legal The World Trade Organization members countries have the right to impose the safeguard measures and it has a legal processing to imports. When the company goes to importing it should be aware and follow the changes in the regulations. Environmental By following the government waste strategy the company should increase the amount of recycling which strengthen the reputation of the company. The public of UK is environment conscious and may be a burning issue of the world in near future so the company should improve its recycling policies. External Analysis-Micro Environment The micro environment also known as task environment are the internal forces that have a direct affect in the companys strategies. These factors include buyers, suppliers, all type of competitors, new entrants and substitutes employees and marketing intermediaries (media). Industry analysis The following analysis is based on Michael Porters 5 Forces Model (1996) and it helps understand the competitive environment for HomeBase Threats of New Entrants Factors Level of threat implication Product differentiation High Home products are very common products so the marketing of the company sells. Capital requirement Medium A lot of capital require to introduce a new product to compete the existing products Brand identity Low Home base has a strong brand name in whole US and UK Distributional channel Low Franchisee will be consider the brand identity in the first step Economies of scale medium New entrant have to entrant in a large scale to compete in the market Threats of substitute products Factor Level of threat Implication Few substitute products Low In household products there are very few products which can be replaced Bargaining power of customer Factors Level of threat implication Product quality High Some of the competitors claim to provide similar quality products to the customer Type of customer high As the management of the store is responsible for a good sale so there is a strong customer bargaining Brand identity Low Marketing strategy is strong thats why the brand is recognized all over the US and UK Bargaining power of supplier Factors Level of threats implication Cost of supplier High This company is in developed countries thats why the labour cost quite high Supplier concentration Low The company support community traders Competitive rivalry Factors Level of threats Implication Brand identity high The brand value of each company as well as the target market makes the differentiation to the customer Industry grown High Due to the recent growth in the household items the competition is very high Cost of structure High Competitors follow the same scheme of economies of scale with relatively low cost and high profit Diversity of competitors High Now a days there are some companies who are introducing the efficient products Conclusion: after analysing the Porters 5 forces in this company it is noticed that the retail market is attractive for Homebase. Though Homebase is a leader in the market the company has to develop more technological and attractive products to compete the other companies as well as company has to improve its growth strategies to keep the customers and to fulfil their needs. Market segmentation Consumer market The Homebase has become the leader in its market because it covers almost every household item like from gardening to decorating. Now a days due to development in technology the customer is becoming more and more aware of the quality so they demand for high quality products because they have choice. Products Homebase concentrate on household products and the is still trying to cover everything regarding home. Company deals with the following types of products. Kitchen items Bathroom products Furniture and homewares Lighting Flooring and tiling Decorating Home electrical Heating and cooling Tools Building and hardware Gardening Outdoor living Main competitors following are some principal competitors for the Homebase, Home Depot, Inc.; Eagle Hardware and Garden Inc.; Hechinger Stores Co.; Builders Square Inc.; Payless Cashways Inc.; Orchard Supply Hardware Corp.; Lumbermens Building Centers. Though Homebase has quite strong competitors but still it is leading the market and providing the quality products as well as quality service to its customer and also it is successful to keep its customers till now. The company has to continuo the performance to maintain the standard. Brand Since last few years Homebase has worked focused on customer favour by providing products in low rates with a shopping experience that combines excellent service with a comprehensive range of household items. Homebase proves theres No Place Like Home for charities In August 2006 Homebase launched its first two year partnership with Marie Curie Cancer and the Irish Cancer Society in the Republic of Ireland, under the banner of Theres no place like home ; The charities were chosen in a company-wide staff ballot where 39% of Homebase staff voted to support them ; The aim of the two year partnership was to raise  £500,000 to pay for 25,000 hours of home nursing. Homebase staff and customers have exceeded all expectations in the first year of the partnership, smashing the original target and raising an astonishing  £785,000 already ; Over the past 12 months, the campaign has seen everything from head shaves and dress down days to staff abseiling down buildings for the charities. The money raised in the first year will help to provide a fantastic 39,250 hours of nursing. After doing this Homebase has become a strong brand in all over the UK and Irish republic. Internal analysis Resources Physical resources Number of stores: 310 Countries operating: UK IRISH REPUBLIC 2. Human resources More than 8400 employees including stores and offices are working in Homebase 3. Financial resources Pro forma of 52 weeks to 3 march 2007 4 march 2006 Sales  £1,594.2m 1559.0 benchmark Operating profit  £53.4m  £51.4m Benchmark operating margine 3.4% 3.3% Like-for-like change in sales 1.4% 3.1% New space contribution to sales change 3.6 3.1% Total sales change 2.2% 0.0% Benchmark operating profit change 4% n/a Number of stores at period end 310 297 Of which contain a mezzanine floor 165 144 Competences and capabilities Using the 5Ms is possible to analyse the competences and capabilities of the company. Market The Homebase is the leader in the retail market and it is providing quality products in cheaper rates and due to this Homebase is being recognized all over the uk as well as Irish republic. Materials The company is investing a lot of capital to introduce new stores so that the customers can buy quality products from their locality. The key element to the new store design is part of the business strategy to make-up merchandising fixture. Men More than 8400 employees including stores and offices are working on Homebase. Money Financial resources Pro forma of 52 weeks to 3 march 2007 4 march 2006 Sales  £1,594.2m 1559.0 benchmark Operating profit  £53.4m  £51.4m Benchmark operating margine 3.4% 3.3% Like-for-like change in sales 1.4% 3.1% New space contribution to sales change 3.6 3.1% Total sales change 2.2% 0.0% Benchmark operating profit change 4% n/a Number of stores at period end 310 297 Of which contain a mezzanine floor 165 144 Machines Number of stores à ¯Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ½Ãƒ ¯Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¾ 310 Countries operating à ¯Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ½Ãƒ ¯Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¾ UK IRISH REPUBLIC S.W.O.T Analysis Strengths Leverage purchasing scale High loyalty Strong brand name Increase share in large product markets Expand homebase store network Extend and exploit multi-channel leadership Weaknesses More capital require for new stores High supply cost High operation cost Opportunities Further to go on importing Opportunity to explore other overseas sourcing locations Additional benefits to come from supply chain Other cost reduction processes Threats Strong competition in retail market Customers are becoming more and more aware of quality due to improvement in technology and want high quality products on cheap prices Increase in the sales of competitors Though there is competition in the market the Homebase has a strong brand name and the company is improving their performance as well as it is investing in the product quality and opening new stores. There are still lot of opportunities for the company. Market plan On the basis of the previous audit marketing and the company strengths the objectives and the targets of the company are as follows; Objectives and targets Reduce plastic bag consumption by 25% by the end of 2008 Attain ISO 14001 status for 5 Distribution Centres Attain recycling rates of 50% across the Group Energy Achieve energy accreditation for the Group from the Carbon Trust Reduce energy consumption by 2% KwH/sq ft Purchase at least 30% green power Products Review current policy guidelines for product selection Attain accreditation for sustainable paper sourcing Maintain existing recycled paper content of catalogue at 13% Community Raise at least  £1.6m for charity partnerships Achieve gold status for payroll giving ( at least 10% of workforce) Establish arrangements for community investment Establish a volunteering policy for the Group Workplace and HR Improve employee engagement scores. Improve take up of share save schemes Reduce average absence per employee Reduce RIDDORS by 10% Customers Increase levels of customer satisfaction (reduce no of orders which  generate one complaint) Group growth strategies Growth through leveraging purchasing scale Growth through increasing market share in targeted large product market Growth through extending and exploiting multi- channel leadership Growth through expanding the store network (10 homebase stores in a year) Marketing mix To implement the above strategies the following points can be applied: Product / branding Homebase is working efficiently in these days by following their strategies and because of this it is leading the market in all over the UK and Irish republic. Well I believe that regarding to the objectives of increase the brand image is recommended that the company is to associate the environmentally friendly image such as reducing the use of plastic bags. And further more the company should go on importing as well as explore the other overseas resources locations so that the brand can win the global recognition. Though the company has started its own recycling program in which some products are totally recyclable and some are partly, but in future environment will be a burning issue so organization should do some more for this which protect as well as beneficial for the brand in future. Price The differentiation strategy allows the company to implement a value-based pricing approach. Place Develop a multi-channel distribution has been successfully implemented in the company. On the other hand company should increase its online sale. Promotion target People concerning about environmental issues House wives Communication To promote the product benefits To make the product known To increase online buyers The massage It is suggested to use the objectives that concern with the knowledge or awareness in the mind of the customer. Media selection Advertisement on the magazines which are usually being sent to the houses monthly or weekly Attracting customers by making sales on special occasions Online advertisement Using the logo in other web sites to link with the companys web site Series of the press releases to be sent to magazines and access online TV campaign to roll out nationality on terrestrial TV Posters People To monitoring services online as well as make available news tools to the customer shopping online To incorporate orders online, to store products and others To help increase the sells and to ensure the customer service quality Process Products purchase online delivery with in a week Credit card to be charged at time on the shipment of the order and confirmed by e-mail Use the latest security methods such as PayPalà ¯Ã†â€™Ã‚ ¢ Return policy should be with in the existing 30 days after the purchase Physical evidence Receipts and inventory bills Software to develop the e-commerce Budget breakdown To achieve the above marketing planning objectives it is set an overall cost of  £8.5 million. And this overall cost is divided into the following categories; Product 16% of the total cost is for the market research and for the development of the product, RD. The estimate cost in  £1360015.7 Place 8% of the cost is to be spend on the continuous refurbishment and maintenance of the stores, distribution and transportation, and the estimate cost is  £680,000. Promotion 60% of the total cost is to be used for the promotion of the product which includes the media advertisement such as advertisement in TV programs, magazines, posters in public transport, etc. The estimated cost is  £5100,000. People 10% of the cost is to be spent on HR, training, recruitment and IT outsourcing. The estimate cost is  £850,000. Process 4% of the total cost will be spent on the development of the operation processes and for this the estimate cost is  £394400.63 Physical evidence 2% of total cost is to be spent on the reservation for the physical evidence and process to maintain the e-commerce. And the estimated cost for this is  £170000 Total cost The total cost for the whole process of the above marketing planning to achieve the mentioned objectives is estimated as  £8500000.

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Essay --

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is one of the most important molecules in any organism. DNA is like an instruction manual for the cell to make new proteins. DNA is made up of two long chains of nucleotides wound up into a helical shape. Each nucleotide consists of a phosphate group, pentose sugar and one of four possible nitrogenous bases (Adenine, Guanine, Thymine or Cytosine). A group of three of the bases of the corresponding sequence to the protein required makes up one amino acid. This is known as the Triplet code. A chain of amino acids is the protein. These proteins can be used for a large variety of tasks ranging from simply allowing chemicals to pass (channel proteins) to the more complex task of fighting diseases (antibodies). This wide range of uses for proteins allows us to use and manipulate it artificially to our needs. Gene therapy is used to treat diseases caused by faulty genes by fixing the faulty genes. This is done by introducing the correct gene in place of the faulty one. The correct gene would have been developed outside the body in a laboratory. The normal gene is transported by a carrier called a vector which is usually a virus due to their nature of attacking the sufferer’s body and inserting their genetic material, however, the viral vector is modified so it cannot cause the patient any harm. Once the vector has released the correct gene into the cell, the cell then begins to produce the correct proteins. Gene therapy can be very useful in the field of science as it can help discover different methods of inserting genetic material into a cell. Genetic engineering isn’t only advantageous in medicine, but also in farming as farmers will have the freedom of choice when it comes to selecting the type of ... ...he protein of the desired characteristics. These characteristics can include physical appearance, preventing genetic disorders and even intelligence although, there are many ethical issues surrounding this particular use of DNA technology. If the ethical issues are overcome, soon, the average intelligence of the human population will increase massively leading to much more discoveries and technological advancements. In the end, DNA is a very useful molecule which can and has been used vastly in science and technology to improve the lives of many people in the present and for the future generations. DNA technology has been the pinnacle of medical science due to the role it plays in an organism therefore has been one of the key fields for scientists to explore allowing it to advance massively over the past few years and continue to progress in the foreseeable future.

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Automobile Racing :: essays research papers

Automobile Racing International competitiveness, testing the capabilities of specially designed automobiles and the skill of their drivers, over tracks and courses of differing lengths and construction, this is automobile racing. The first car race considered is the one held in France in July 1894, in which the winner averaged 24 kilometers per hour, when 100 automobiles set out from Paris to Rouen. The first race in North America was held in Chicago, Illinois, in the year 1895. The excitement generated by the possibility of driving at higher and higher speeds has made automobile racing one of the world's major spectator and participant sports. Early races were held in two forms; pure speed races and the others tested engine reliability, which later became known as rallies. In rallies, cars attempt to achieve and maintain a set speed between points. The first races were held on public roads, but with increasing concern for spectator safety, special closed-circuit tracks were built for rally racing. The most common racing track is a paved oval with banked corners, from 200 m to 4000 m in length. The difference between road and track racing ultimately led also to different vehicle construction; four major types of racing cars are now built. Pure racing machines, such as those used in Grand PrixFormula 1 and in Indycar, are built for power and endurance at speeds of more than 320 km/h (200 MPH). In the past stock cars used to be production automobiles modified for track racing, but are built now solely for the purpose of racing. Sports cars used for racing, such as rallies, may be either rebuilt production vehicles or pure racing machines. Drag racers are cars built to accelerate rapidly to high speeds over very short straight tracks, or drag strips, generally about 400 m (3 mi) long. The race most popularly associated with the sport is the Indianapolis 500, so called because contestants must cover 500 mi (about 805 km); it has been held annually on Memorial Day weekend since 1911. With crowds averaging 400,000, it is the best-attended single-day sports event in the world. This year the Indy 500 will not involve most teams from IndycarCART, Championship Auto Racing Teams, the regulatory body which is now being opposed by the IRL, Indycar Racing League, whose owner also owns the Indy 500 track. The elite Grand Prix races are held at various international sites, such as SÃ £o Paulo, Brazil, and Johannesburg, South Africa, and through the streets of Monte Carlo, Monaco. Points scored by winners of these races are totaled to establish the world champion driver.

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Bureau of Jails Study-Mental Health

Explain what a DSM-IV manual is, and how it was used in the Bureau of Justice (BJS) study? The abbreviation DSM-IV refers to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th edition. It was used in the BJS study to establish the baseline against which symptoms of mental illness in the study would be evaluated (James & Glaze, 2006). 2. What percentage of inmates in the federal prisons has mental illness problems? How does that number compare with inmates who are in local jails and state prisons?How do these percentages (about mental illness) compare with non-incarcerated people in the USA? According to James & Glaze, 45% of federal inmates have mental illness problems, as opposed to 64% in local jails and 56% in state prisons. In comparison, non-incarcerated people in the USA over the age of 18 have an 11% rate of mental illness. 3. What type of â€Å"mental illness† is most prevalent among prison and jail inmates? What symptoms would a person exhibit with this ty pe of mental illness?Among prison and jail inmates, major depression is the most prevalent â€Å"mental illness†, characterized by extreme anger, inability to sleep or excessive sleeping (James & Glaze, 2006). 4. Discuss the prevalence of mental illness as it relates to gender and race among incarcerated adults. Overall, according to James & Glaze, white females have the highest instances of mental illness among incarcerated adults. 5. Discuss how substance abuse relates to the prevalence of mental illness among incarcerated adults. Substance abuse plays a key role in the prevalence of mental illness among incarcerated adults.In fact, there is a strong link between mental illness and the abuse of illegal drugs and binge drinking in the prison population. Additionally, those who came from families where substance abuse was commonplace were more likely to abuse substances and suffer the accompanying ill effects of that dangerous and often illegal behavior (James & Glaze, 2006). 6. What information from the study did you find most interesting? Most interesting in the study was the linking of incarcerated adults and the problems that most likely contributed to their fate, such as mental illness, substance abuse and the like.Showing these associations makes it possible to attempt to address issues with individuals before they become prisoners. 7. What information learned in the study related to family members of incarcerated offenders? It would seem that incarceration runs in families; for example, the study cites the finding that the family members of incarcerated offenders are much more likely to have been or to become incarcerated themselves, as well as much more likely to be involved with substance abuse (James & Glaze, 2006).8. Discuss what the study revealed about crimes being committed while the offender was on drugs. It would seem obvious that being on drugs would lead to the kind of impaired judgment and suppression of conscience that leads to the c ommission of crimes, but there requires more solid proof to establish this link, which is why the study was cited for an answer to this question.According to James & Glaze, 37% of state prison inmates who had a mental health problem said they had used drugs at the time of their offense, compared to 26% of state prisoners without a mental health problem. Also, 34% of local inmates who had a mental health problem said they had used drugs at the time of their offense compared to 20% of local inmates who did not have a mental health problem. 9. Explain what the BJS study found about the prevalence of mentally ill inmates being repeat offenders – when compared with non-mentally ill inmates.Lastly, James & Glaze’s findings about the prevalence of mentally ill inmates and repeat offenses as opposed to the non-mentally ill are discussed. In the local jails, 32% of repeat offenders had mental problems as opposed to 22% recidivism among the non-mentally ill. Works Cited James, D oris J. & Glaze, Lauren E. (2006). Mental Health Problems of Prison and Jail Inmates. Washington, DC: United States Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs.

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Measuring academic proficiency under the NCLB.

The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act was designed to close the achievement gap between high and low performing children, especially the achievement gap between minority and non-minority students and between disadvantaged children and their more advantaged peers (NCLB, 2001). The key components of the act are the adequate yearly programs (AYP), and the annual measurable objectives (AMO). The AYP is the working principle of the act and it is seen as the mechanism for which all schools and all students meet the same academic standards in reading and mathematics by school year 2013-2014. The AMO indicates the performance of the school in terms of proficiency in reading and mathematics tests. Moreover, the law identifies student subgroups like economically disadvantaged students, students form major racial and ethnic groups, students with disabilities and students with limited English proficiency. The law also specifically requires that 95% of the total number of students in a school and 95% of each subgroup to take the reading and math standardized tests, while the state is tasked to determine its own AMO targets and the minimum number of students in each subgroup who are required to meet or surpass the AMO targets (NCLB, 2001). The AYP requirements apply to Title 1 and non-title 1 school that receive federal funding. Schools that do not reach AYP for two or more years will be labeled as in need of improvement and are sanctioned. The NCLB employs a conjunctive accountability system wherein each subgroup of students are required to reach the minimum levels of proficiency in math and reading regardless of their previous proficiency levels, thus within 12 years, all students should reach 100% proficiency. NCLB is based on the idea that high expectations for achievement would result to higher actual achievement levels. By requiring each school to reach a uniform level of proficiency  would mean that in a given period, all schools and all students would have mastered the same skills and learned the same knowledge in reading and mathematics. The NCLB measures progress through a single mean proficiency score across levels and subgroup.   However, this frame of mind does not consider the diversity of American students and their backgrounds. For example, requiring each subgroup to meet the minimum mean proficiency score would ensure that the school would not reach the AYP. Using a single mean proficiency score to measure performance is not a true measure of school improvement nor student performance. Although, NCLB have positive visions, its method of attaining its objectives undermines what it is supposed to do. The law treats each school and each student as a single and uniform entity when our society is composed of different races and backgrounds, not even taking into account the difference between the rich and the poor. Even if the law identified the subgroup of students, it still however assess each group in terms of the single mean proficiency score which is the same as implementing a one size fits all policy. The problem with NCLB is that it asks schools to be assessed against a single mean proficiency score, wherein if a school fails to reach this score, would indicate that the school is not performing as it should be in accordance with federal and state rules. The use of a single mean proficiency score says that each school is treated as equals, however the reality is differences in each school is present. For example, different districts cater to different students and since education have been the purview of the state; they have also different standards on accountability and accreditation. The schools seek to attain the level of performance required by the state and in cases where measures of school performance differ from the NCLB would say that schools are making progress in the state level but is not up to standard in the national level. Students also would be burdened by being pitted against a single score that may or may not be realistically attainable, and if they fail to reach the mark they would have caused the failure of the entire school. Another problem with the NCLB is that by identifying subgroup of students and requiring them to achieve the mean proficiency score puts them in a bind. The subgroups identified by the law in some cases could be an unnecessary repetition of the groups, for example most Blacks and Latinos are economically disadvantaged, and that most of these groups also have lower mean proficiency scores. Thus if a school is composed of many poor students, of different racial groups, of students with limited English proficiency, then this school will surely not reach that mean proficiency score. The NCLB is not friendly to racial groups, economically disadvantaged children, children with disabilities and children with limited English proficiency. It is common knowledge and even supported by statistics that those who are identified as economically disadvantaged are those who belong to a minority racial group. In which case they will be asked to reach the same proficiency score twice, then they will be labeled as under performing and the school as needing improvement. It will compromise what the students have accomplished in a school year, because failing to reach the mark is not equal to no improvement or no learning. As for the parents, they would probably think that NCLB is good for their children as it ensures equality between groups in terms of academic achievement. However, if their state certifies that their children are performing to expectations like in Virginia and California, but the federal government says otherwise would saw confusion and distraught among parents. Schools and districts complain that using a single mean proficiency score to measure performance is not realistic and appropriate. It does not take into consideration that high-poverty schools have students with less academic preparation than those with low-poverty schools. Moreover, by using a system of conjunctive accountability dooms schools from reaching AYP. The short term effects of NCLB on low-income students and of color is that thy will b subjected to more requirements in school or additional interventions that would enable them to reach the desired improvement of scores as well as being pressured to make that mark. The long-term effect is that when they fail to reach AYP and cause the school to lose out on the AYP race, then they will be blamed for it and probably will be faced with angry members of the community. When schools still fail to make the mark and is identified as needs improvement and probably would be given less funding the more the low-income and racial groups become more disadvantaged, instead of closing the academic achievement gap, the NCLB does not even consider what academic achievement is. I think that NCLB was born out of the sincere desire to make sure that our students have the same level of academic proficiency even for math and English only. Whoever drafted the bill however did not have a clear understanding of achievement, intelligence and environmental factors that are part and parcel of learning and education. It is also funny to think that as diverse a population as we have we want to be pitted against a single score when what is more important than the grade or score is actual learning and the evidence of improvement across the years. Thus, as a law that seeks to close the achievement gap between groups of students, the NCLB divides and places the minority groups in a more difficult situation and at a more disadvantaged position.   

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Chapter 3

Multiple Choice Questions (10 points each) Select the ONE, BEST Answer 1. Adjusting entries: A. Affect only income statement accounts. B. Affect only balance sheet accounts. C. Affect both income statement and balance sheet accounts. D. Affect only cash flow statement accounts. E. Affect only equity accounts. 2. An adjusting entry could be made for each of the following except: A. Prepaid expenses. B. Depreciation. C. Owner withdrawals. D.Unearned revenues. E. Accrued revenues. 3. Accrued revenues: A. At the end of one accounting period often result in cash receipts from customers in the next period. B. At the end of one accounting period often result in cash payments in the next period. C. Are also called unearned revenues. D. Are listed on the balance sheet as liabilities. E. Are recorded at the end of an accounting period because cash has already been received for revenues earned. 4.On May 1, 2007 Giltus Advertising Company received $1,500 from Julie Bee for advertising services t o be completed April 30, 2008. The Cash receipt was recorded as unearned fees and at December 31, 2007, $1,000 of the fees had been earned. The adjusting entry on December 31 Year 1 should include: A. A debit to Unearned Fees for $500. B. A credit to Unearned Fees for $500. C. A credit to Earned Fees for $1,000. D. A debit to Earned Fees for $1,000. E. A debit to Earned Fees for $500. Problem (60 points) SHOW ALL WORKA company has 20 employees who each earn $500 per week for a 5-day week that begins on Monday. December 31 of Year 1 is a Monday, and all 20 employees worked that day. (a) Prepare the required adjusting journal entry to record accrued salaries on December 31, 2004. (b) Prepare the journal entry to record the payment of salaries on January 4, 2005. Dec. 31st, 2004DrCr Salaries expense$2,000 Salaries payable$2,000 Jan. 4, 2005 DrCr Salary expense$8,000 Salary payable$2,000 Cash Paid$10,000 Chapter 3

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Groupthink and Risky Shift Phenomenon Essay

Groupthink phenomenon continues to exist and influence in a group decision making. This is especially happen when group cohesiveness is high and there is an absence of open communication. However, understanding the theory would enable us to recognize the factors that may affect the quality of decisions we made in the group. Risky-shift on the other hand, exists as a form of motivation with a perspective of a shared responsibility of taking the risky decision. It is generally accepted that this risky-shift influence by cultural value in which individual is motivated to choose the riskier alternative to increase group or society status. Understanding risky-shift enables us to reduce the magnitude of pressure of which the risk has to bring as imbedded in every decision made during uncertainties. In addition, group interaction is very important in the process of decision-making whereby individual opinion and ideas is valued. It is also in this way that individual will learn to stand his position in certain decision-making procedure. It maybe be difficult and challenging since individual will share different ideas and inputs, exchange opinions and contrary views, yet in the process develop alternatives to the solution in problem solving which reflects a good group decision-making. Overall, these sociological phenomenon and perspective allow us to identify attributes that may control and limit the development of best alternative in solving problem and issues. Finally, a clear understanding of the elements of these theories will enable members to recognised symptoms within a faulty group decision-making and draw the best alternative course of action from the group. This paper is going to provide insights on the case of Yellow Auto Company in term of the critical decision in the sociological perspective area such as the Groupthink and Risky-shift phenomenon. Introduction Group decision-making sometimes falls into the typical group norm which oftentimes leads to failure. This happens usually because of the idea of group cohesion and valuing the need for belongingness in the group. Janis (1972) defines it as a deliberate action of an individual group member to conform to the decision of the group to keep the harmony. The reason behind is to avoid clashes and come up with a solution without being critical during a group decision-making process. In addition to the need of individual for belonging, group tendency to transfer the risk to group members allow the group to choose the riskier alternative. It usually, emerges from a faulty organizational structure and communication perspective which oftentimes results a high probability of failure. The Yellow Auto Company was a well-known global car company in India. The company is own and manage by the family where the structure is hierarchical in which line managers and employee has no autonomy in terms of decision making. There is an obvious high cohesion within the members of the decision making body and this is described as unwritten rules of the company which is mostly in the minds of the family members. When the top managers of the Yellow Auto Company, notice the decreasing job satisfaction and commitment of their employees, they decided to invest on their development. Even though, there was an existing economic crisis in the country, the group decided pursuit with their plans in investing in human resource with the assistance of external consultant. This report will utilize the sociological perspective to critically analyse these significant issue and the make recommendation to an effective group decision-making. The Groupthink phenomenon The most critical decision that the Yellow Auto Company have done was the decision of hiring and working with external consultant. Since the company was owned and manage by the family, its group structure is assumed to have high group cohesiveness and lack of critical discussion procedures. Janis (1972) exerts that group with high cohesiveness encourages conformity to its norms and without adequate decision procedures which is a condition of groupthink will tend to result to a poor decision (Callaway & Esser, 1984). In this case the family who runs the company shares common purposes and interests, that gives them a sense of security resulting to a shared illusion of invulnerability (Teale, Dispenza, Flynn, & Currie, 2003a). This is further describe in the case where most of the rules are unwritten and in the minds of the family members which is a characteristic of group conformity (Teale, et al. , 2003a) and where employees did not have much autonomy in decision making. This conformity of individual to adapt the decision of group members (Gerring, Zimbardo, Campbell, Cumming, & Wilkes, 2012), tends to suppressed individual critical thinking to avoid being ridiculed and being question on their loyalty. The structure of communication process was described as hierarchical where agenda can readily be manipulated and directed by pressure of group conformity which reflects self-censorship (Teale, et al. , 2003a). The top managers and owner who make the dominant decision for the organization (Teale, Dispenza, Flynn, & Currie, 2003b) may result to a limited quality of the decision as described by Simon as ‘bounded rationality’ (Tolbert & Hall, 2008). As a result of this limitation the group could only identify and provide less alternative course of action to the problem than in groups where participation is encourage (Carrie, 2010). In addition, the absence of critical thinking in group discussion may devoid individual of their potentials to contribute mportant information necessary of the group (Johnson & Johnson, 2009). In this scenario, the manager may cause other members to follow whatever personal view (Janis, 1972) he may have which is a groupthink perspective characterized by a high level of confidence and lack of disagreement from group members(Callaway & Esser, 1984). However, when the top managers realized the need for experts to manage change process in human resource which reflect task-oriented group (Teale, et al. , 2003a) shows a positive group structure which characterised an effective group decision. Inviting outside expert is a criterion to prevent the groupthink phenomena, allowing independent group to work on the same problem and assess the organizations. When top managers, line managers and employees decided to work and cooperate with external consultant, it bridges the gap and opens the communication between managers and employees. This communication process, allows members of the group to provides unreserved feedbacks to reduce and unveil the hidden and unknown areas as described in Johari Window as information keep to avoid conflict and concealed potential and unrecognized skills(Teale, et al. 2003a). In addition it allows group members to contribute in the development of high-quality decision which is a characteristic of consensus perspective (Johnson & Johnson, 2009). The occurrence of open communication between managers and employees display an active cooperation of the group, which is a characteristic for an effective implementation of a decision(Amason, 1996). This intermediate cohesiveness(Callaway & Esser, 1984) produces high quality decision which builds mutual respect, acceptable culture and shared direction in the achievement of organizational goal. This is a reflection of process-oriented group (Teale, et al. , 2003a) skills where group interaction uses cooperative listening and other social skills to produce a common understanding and getting the job done. Overall, this changes and action of top managers towards their employee builds a mutual commitment for a successful implementation of the decision as described by Guth and Macmillan (Amason, 1996). The Risky-shift phenomenon Most often the group will chose a riskier alternative than decision made by individual (Burnstein, 1969; Stoner, 1968), whereby members of the groups ends to decide differently about perceived risk when they are alone. Some of the many reasons why it might happen include diffusion of responsibility where emotion bonds exist. In this case, the relationship of the family who runs the company, may have the tendency to reduce apprehension and perceived the risk as shared (Wallach, Kogan, & Bem, 1964). Group members would take a risky alternative with the fee ling of less personal responsibility for the negative consequences of such a decision(Forsyth, 1990) and less likelihood of being blamed. It is also a way for individual to easily hide within the group when making contributions to a group discussion and speak only when expected that the group would agree as described by a spiral-of-silence logic (Packer, 2009) whereby individuality is restricted by other people’s opinion. In addition, the top managers and owner of the company cooperation with the external consultant allows the sharing of responsibility to members of the risk which minimizes blaming in case of failure of decision(Clark, 1971). As a result, the decision will most likely be riskier, as they share the risk and relatively make individual felt risk less. Another probability for the risky-shift to exist is the leadership influence(Clark, 1971) over the group. High risk-taker will persuade others to take greater risks(Collins & Guetzkow, 1964) because of their aggressiveness and commitment in the pursuit of their objective which in this case the top manager and owner. The top managers and owner personal and direct involvement in the company and in the discussion (Forsyth, 1990) will have the tendency to influence the group members. This is further supported by Brown (1965) who asserts that status in the group is often connected with risk-taking, which oftentimes made the group chose the riskier alternative. In this case scenario, the decision of investing in human resource despite the prevailing financial economic crisis is a perceived risk yet the group chose to proceed with the plan perhaps because of the influence that the owner have over the group. This is further explored by Bateson (1966) who asserts that as individual become familiar with the problem will tend to advocate more risky alternative. A group interaction will significantly contributes in the amiliarization perspective(Kogan & Wallach, 1967) which allow members of the group to known and be comfortable with risk at hand (Clark, 1971). This group interaction opens the discussion and information exchange towards possible alternative during a risky decision-making. Perhaps the most widely recognized reason of a risky-shift is the cultural value in itself. In the group or in the society situation most individuals choose a riskier decision in order to increase their status in the group. Clark (1971) exerts that diffusion-of-responsibility, leadership influence and familiarization, is dependent upon the relevant content of the risk. In the case of Yellow Auto Company which the structure management is hierarchical, the top manager and owner have wider scope of activities and concern of the company’s status. Given the current situation of the company in which employee become less committed and unsatisfied in their job, decided to mitigate the issue through investing in human resource development and seek assistance from external consultant. This is probably to ensure that they are relatively blameless in the event of company failure and protect their status as well-know global car company. The economic crisis will not only entails the company or family societal status but will also cost them particularly on monetary budget allocation and the length of time to implement and evaluate the result and progress as the external consultant do their job. Perhaps the most common action plan during this time of economic crisis is cost cutting or reduction of employee. Another probability would be that the company will try to maximize their internal workforce or perhaps freeze job hiring rather than spending too much on outsourced hiring. However the group has made this risky-shift as a display of good decision making by their unwavering determination to reach its main aim of customer satisfaction and to achieve its goal to increase share in the market. The attitude of the top managers of being less cautious or less conservative in its orientation towards decision making (Hong, 1978) made it possible for them to reach their the goal. Their participation and cooperation with external consultant is a manifestation of an effective group decision. This group interaction opens an avenue for change process and ultimately results to the attainment of the desired goal. The acceptance of top managers on working with external consultants reflects criteria of compromise decision making, whereby allowing members of the group to freely discuss and present individual and collective ideas and opinion for the common good of the company. This action creates a positive motivation towards job satisfaction of employee (Nemioff & King, 1975) which is described in the case in the later part where employee shows job satisfaction and organizational commitment. This is an indication of an effective group decision making whereby members of the group participate in the implementation of the decision (Johnson & Johnson, 2009). Conclusion These are only few of the many sociological phenomenons that influence a group decision making, especially when group cohesiveness is high and there is an absence of open communication. Groupthinks reduce individuality in a group discussion while risky-shift enable individual to conform with the group in order to increase group status. Understanding these theories would enable the group to recognize the factors that may affect the quality of decisions we made in the group. It also reduces the magnitude of pressure in which the risk has to bring in every decision made during uncertainties. In addition, group communication is very important in the process of decision-making whereby individual is able to express their opinion and ideas. It is also in this way that individual contribution is valued and will learn to stand his position in certain decision-making procedure. It may be difficult and challenging because of individual different views but the process will develop alternatives in problem solving which reflects a good group decision-making. Overall, understanding these sociological phenomenon and perspective allow us to identify attributes that may control and limit the development of best alternative in solving problem and issues. Recommendation To avoid the pitfall of groupthink and risky-shift sociological perspective it is recommended that 1. Each members of the group that is to include the leader or manager should value the presence and idea of each members of the group 2. Leaders and managers should be sensitive enough to avoid the effects of groupthink by refraining from using their power and influence over the group. 3. Leaders and managers should refrain from persuading members of the group in their own idea. 4. Group members should in times take the role of a critical evaluator and this should be allowed by the group to speak his doubts on the decision. 5. A separate group should be created to work with the same problem. 6. Finally, a good communication between group members combined with a deeper understanding would bring success and less probability of failure in the decision.

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All Hail the Weirdos

The places the make me content are the endless rows of books at a library, a whimsical town in a Sarah Addison Allen novel, and a multitude of other places. There is not just one place that makes me content, the world is filled with amazing places from the Parthenon to Buckingham Palace. How could I choose just one? In these places I experience a rush of happiness that keeps my soul warm for a moment of bliss. The only thing that can keep that warmth and content pulsing through my veins are my friends. Wherever they are I will always be. Half the time, my hands begin to twitch with anger and annoyance when my friends come around, ready at a moments notice to slap them silly. But that annoyance easily gives away to laughter and smiles. Its because we CAN annoy and poke fun at each other that we are close friends. After all, its when my friends are not making fun of me that I need to worry. However, there is a second layer to my group of lovable morons which makes me want keep them in my arms for eternity. My friends were raised in chaotic households that could even make the most hardened criminal grimace. We often laugh and joke about the peculiar experiences weve had because of the deranged families we were born into. But, sometimes those laughs turn to faces stained with tears and heartache, this is when the meaning behind my friendships clearly emerges. We have been brought together through hell and high water to pick up the pieces of each others lives when we fall apart, we are the sticky glue that holds each other together. That and loads of inappropriate jokes fueled by plenty of Swedish Fish. I am perfectly content in any place as long as my friends are there as well. We always help each other through every strange problem and we always make each other laugh until our sides hurt at every strange joke. None of our lives are even close to perfect, and I would nev er want it any other way.

Eco-Friendly Cruise ship Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Eco-Friendly Cruise ship - Research Paper Example An example of a greenhouse gas, emitted by fuel is carbon dioxide, which is always accused of destroying the earth’s ozone layer. Based on these environmental concerns, a number of cruise ships have embarked on renovations that are eco friendly (Carnival, 2014). For example, Disney Cruise ship, and the Holland America have conducted a series of Green Renovations aimed at reducing the emission of green house gases . These renovations include the use of facilities and equipments which are known to conserve the environment. For instance, these institutions have upgraded their engine systems, to a level whereby they emit a reduced level of fuel into the atmosphere (Choice, 2014). However, this is not enough. This is because; a new phenomenon is taking shape in the tourism industry. This phenomenon is referred to as the eco-tourism trend. Tourists are now concerned with getting eco experiences while they are cruising (Wood, 2014). On this basis, tourists will choose destinations that are known for environmental conservation, and a cruise ship that has an extensive renovation, that reflects its capability to protect the environment (Choice, 2014). On this basis, it is within our suggestion to introduce a cruise ship into the family of the Royal Caribbean fleet that is eco-friendly. This will play a great role in gaining a competitive advantage over the competitors of Royal Caribbean fleet, who are mainly the Holland America Cruise Ships, and the Disney Cruise Ship (Royal Caribbean, 2014). It is important to denote that while developing a cruise ship that is eco-friendly, Royal Caribbean fleets has to consider a number of factors, such as the target customers, who will be attracted to the ship under consideration. For example, in the current century, the younger generation is more concerned with the preservation of the environment, and hence, they will be more attracted to a cruise ship that is

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Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning Essay

Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning - Essay Example The fundamental role of knowledge management is to extract tacit knowledge and make it available for others to use2. Explicit knowledge exists in the form of words, documents, data, computer programs or software and other explicit forms. Knowledge management involves planning, organizing, motivating and controlling of workers and arrangements in the firm to make sure that knowledge related assets are improved and effectively employed. By motivating the creation, dissemination and application of knowledge, KM initiatives help organizations embed knowledge and learning into organizational processes so that it can improve its practices and behaviors to achieve its goals. Organizational learning helps the organization sustainably improve its utilization of knowledge. OL is the capability that enables organizations to practice the most suitable and precise management practices, structures and actions to facilitate and encourage learning. Recruitment and Selection Recruitment is the proces s of hiring a pool of people who are capable of working in an organization. Selection involves the use of specific instruments to choose from a pool of applicants the persons who are most likely to excel in a job relative to the management’s goals and legal requirements3. ... When organizations hire workers who possess relevant knowledge, skills and aptitudes, the process plays a pivotal role in shaping an organizations effectiveness and performance. The organization recruitment process should be modified to accommodate knowledge management practices. The most innovative organizations in knowledge management select individuals with the appropriate skills and attitudes as such employees have the ability to assimilate knowledge from various sources.4 Traditional approaches to selection may be revised to capture unpredictable knowledge flows especially in innovation projects. This is because it may be difficult to specify the requisite knowledge and expertise in advance for such projects. The social process model of recruitment and selection derived from social psychology has been adopted by different firms. This model assumes that people change constantly in the course of their careers and that subjective self-perceptions are critical to their work motivati on and performance. Self-perceptions are influenced by assessment selection procedures, and that modern jobs involve interaction, negotiation and mutual influence, which take place in multi-skilled, flexible and self-directed work teams.5 Firms use the social model to recruit persons who are most likely to share and acquire knowledge. Some researchers have argued that traditional recruitment and selection practices obstruct knowledge sharing among groups or departments in firms organized in accordance to the functional principle. For instance, in one pharmaceutical company, the assessment centers for selection of graduates were functionally focused with sales assessment centers and marketing assessment

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Interpreting the OT Prophets Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Interpreting the OT Prophets - Research Paper Example Prophetic interpretation is a practical matter. Therefore, the interpretations of the contents must be in line with the use of specific insight that is accessible to the society in order for the message to be convincible. This interpretation inspires the faith that is inclined to God and not to the prophet himself. Prophetic interpretation involves basing personal arguments, personal teachings and understandings on what the scripture says. The sayings of the scripture must be in line with what people can see by themselves in translation to commonly available things. It is essential to examine the grammar, words and flow of paragraphs. Prophesy supports more fundamental goals rather than being an end in itself. The purpose of prophesy must be in-line with God’s objective of dealing with humanity. God’s purpose is to reconcile us with him by providing us with salvation through Christ Jesus. This must be the greatest objective of prophesy. It must instruct us on the right channel to follow in obtaining the salvation in faith. In the context of Jeremiah chapter 2 verses 14 to 28; the prophet that the only reason that will cause Israel to fall a prey to its enemies will be as a result of infidelity to her divine spouse. This passage is based on prophetic relationship between God and his people. God relates with his people in a way that is represented in the bible as marriage relationship. God being the head and husband while the people being the church represented as the woman. Therefore, this passage refers to infidelity to illuminate the understanding that the wrong acts of Israelites will be similar to infidelity which in turn has a law that accepts for divorce. 2 This message is easily understood and remembered by the Israelites because it uses the practice aspect of marriage. The marriage practice and its consequences both positive and negative are common and

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Roe vs Wade Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Roe vs Wade - Essay Example aised in the two cases were; a) the legality of abortion laws passed by states seeking to criminalize all forms of abortion when interpreted in the letter and spirit of the US Constitution; b) the parameters of the Due Process provision of the 14th Amendment as a safeguard against the right to privacy in abortion; c) whether states had the authority to legislate laws that may prohibit abortion; d) whether the natural termination of Roe’s pregnancy rendered her case, on the same issue, which was pending before the court meaningless; and e) whether the district court was correct in denying injunctive relief. This paper will discuss some of the issues relating to the right of privacy based on the ruling on Roe. In 1880s abortion was legalized in United States specifically to protect the mother’s life from harm. Since the country was facing low birthrate during that particular period, especially among the whites, the government and other human rights agencies were concerned about the negative impacts of the policy. They termed the declining population of whites through abortion as having the same bad effect as suicide since they wanted the women who were born in United States to reproduce. Abortion was had been previously illegal and thus if a woman had to procure an abortion it depended on the race, economic situation, and the location where one lived (Critchlow, 2010). It is notable that poor women who came from other races could not afford it due to the high related cost. In early 1960s, however, the trend somehow changed by virtue of the formation of a group known as the Clergy Consultation Services on Abortion. The group drew its membership from church ministers and rabbis who dealt with illegal abortion since they sympathized with women of color who were disproportionately affected by the problem. The corresponding growth of civil rights and antiwar movements during the period campaigned for and came up with women liberation movement seeking the

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A Culture of Safety Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

A Culture of Safety - Essay Example However, as management models have continued to evolve, people have recognized that an error can only be prevented if it is known. This is the basis of the just culture in nursing, which acts as a bridge between the traditional approach and a situation in which no one bears the responsibility of errors. The just culture enables an organization as well as its employees to learn from mistakes and create a system that minimizes chances of error. This paper explores the just culture in a nursing setting and its impact on the safety of the patients. The Role of the Nurse in identifying Potential and Real Threats Patient safety is the core mission of every healthcare institution. Nurses have a role in ensuring that the patients in a hospital setting are catered to adequately to ensure their safety. They are obligated to identify, whenever possible, the risks that patients face while in the health institution. One way of identifying threats against the health of a patient would be to open t he communication channels in the hospital. This would enable a nurse to report to the administration about a threat to the safety of the patients. Previously, the punitive system in such a setting inhibited such reporting and nurses only identified threats which they would not be able to hide. The just culture enables a nurse to identify a risk which may have occurred due to an error and report the threat in the appropriate manner. This increases patient safety as adequate measures can be taken to remedy the situation. This role of the nurse is, therefore, in line with the just culture as proposed by Reason (American Nurses Association, 2010). Steps in Minimizing or Eliminating Threats Rules and Regulations Following instructions that are set by the organization should be a priority for all nurses. Managers, according to Lazarus (2011), must put systems in place that will enable the nurses to carry out their roles in the institution effectively. These systems are part of the rules t hat are set by the nursing leadership to provide maximum efficacy at the work place. Nurses should therefore adhere to these set rules and regulations, in order to minimize the chances of errors happening at the work place. Most of the systems in place are tested and tried, meaning they have been found to reduce the number of errors that people can make at the work place. Although human errors do occur, a continuous improvement of the system, as proposed in the just culture will lead to the system achieving maximum efficiency. Acting with regard to these rules will minimize or even eliminate the chances of error. Nurses should only act contrary to these rules when there is evidence that acting according to them presents a threat to the patient (Lazarus, 2011). Attending Seminars Seminars and other meetings organized by the institution to sensitize employees in patient safety are a valuable resource to nurses. Policies that are proposed and passed during these meeting have an effect on the performance of the nurses, and it is therefore important that nurses attend these meetings. This way, they will be conversant with the rules and regulations, as well as contribute to the development of these policies such that the rules will also be in favor of the nurses. Patient safety can be maximized through such meetings since the stakeholders agree on the most effective means of achieving that goal. Nurses mostly deal with patients directly and are obligated to ensure the safety of the patient. By attending these seminars, they increase their knowledge and learn how to incorporate the new policies with their expertise. This is an important aspect for the safety of the patient and nurses should take this measure to minimize threats to

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PREVALENCE OF TOBACCO USE AMONG VETERANS AND INTERVENTIONS - Essay Example In addition to these problems, smoking also has been directly linked to causing respiratory complication, oral disease, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis. It follows that it is essential greater awareness be brought through veterans to the deleterious consequences of smoking (American Lung Association, 2010). Even as smoking is a considerable problem among the general public, veterans in VA health care demonstrate even statistically higher numbers of illness. Indeed, it is estimated 33 % of the veterans’ population served by the Department of Veterans Affairs are smokers, whereas the national average is at 22% (National Smoking and Tobacco Use Cessation Program directive, 2003).In addition to demonstrating higher percentages of tobacco users, veterans also smoke more heavily than the general population. Much research that has been conducted into this phenomenon indicates that many veterans report beginning smoking while in the military, and after their release continue the pra ctice throughout their daily life as a means of calming anxiety or nerves. The military have always promoted tobacco use in the camps. During both the Second World War and the Korean War the government made complimentary cigarettes available as K-rations. The prevailing wisdom during this period was that cigarettes would keep troops vigilant in the battlefield. Smoking breaks were even used as motivation during boot camp, with soldiers being able to earn breaks (McKinney et al, 1997). It’s believed that the promotion of smoking in these contexts greatly contributed to later day health-related problems among veterans. In these regards, it’s clear that further awareness needs to be brought to the deleterious effects of smoking. Consider statistics from a recent investigation into this phenomenon that indicated 24.1% of 18 – 44 years olds are of veterans are current smokers, this percentage drops to 21.9% for 45 – to – 64 year olds, 11.1% for 65 †“ to 74 –year olds, and 5.8% for those over age 75 (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Summary of Health Statistics for U.S. adults, 2006). Women, the fastest growing subgroup of U.S. veterans, are included in the VA health concern. In 2005, the Office of Public Health & Environment indicated that nearly 178,000 women die on a yearly basis as a direct result of smoking related illness. These women also risk cancer, infertility and pregnancy – related problems. SIDS is also common among mothers who smoke during pregnancy. (Department of Veterans Affairs, 2010). Many health experts agreed that the current VA tobacco control efforts to be less effective for women veterans than their male counter – parts. â€Å"Given an expected increase of women veterans with tobacco – related morbidities, developing effective smoking cessation interventions for women veterans is an important goal.† (Katzburg, 2007).In addition to the previously described h ealth risks, research has demonstrated a significant connection between tobacco use and

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Israeli-palestinian conflict Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Israeli-palestinian conflict - Essay Example In this context, authors like Thompson contend that some form of humanitarian intervention could be an alternate solution to this impasse (138). This paper describes some of the factors that have prevented such an intervention and also discusses whether such a solution is viable in the modern context. Obstacles to Humanitarian Intervention Consider the recent military operation by the Israeli Defense forces in 2009. The military claimed that it was pursuing Palestinian militants hiding in the Gaza Strip, whom it accused of firing rockets into Israeli towns and cities. The resulting campaign led to the deaths of over 1000 residents, many of whom were children (Brown 82). Israel had also enforced a blockade on the Gaza Strip, forcing over 100,000 residents to flee. While such military campaigns have been extremely violent, Israel claims that it is acting in self-defense. The Israeli government has also demolished several government buildings, schools and mosques in the region as it all eges that these are being used to store missiles and serve as hideouts for militants. For over 3 months, residents had no access to food or water as they could not venture out and had no supplies due to the blockade. Gallagher notes that Israel has breached international humanitarian conventions by not providing help to the starving and wounded (72). The Human Rights Watch has made far serious allegations of humanitarian violations by claiming that the Israeli military used phosphorus-based munitions during street combat. The United Nations has maintained that Israel has consistently violated UN norms on human rights and the Geneva Convention. Murphy has compared the treatment meted out to Palestinians with the atrocities faced by Jews under the Nazis during World War II (95). Despite allegations from several quarters, little has changed in the aggressive posture of Israel. Brown argues that despite requiring help and protection against ethnic cleansing and war crimes from the inter national community, Palestinians have had to fend for themselves (78). Unlike the role played by the United States and its allies during the Gulf War or the Yugoslavian War, international politics have prevented any such intervention in the Gaza Strip. According to Mertus, while regions like Myanmar, Darfur or Zimbabwe enjoyed quick worldwide attention due to genocide and famine, Palestinian regions like the West Bank and the Gaza Strip are yet to witness any notable forms of humanitarian intervention despite facing similar problems for several decades (153). Arend notes that any demand for humanitarian intervention in ravaged places like Darfur and Zimbabwe should first be aware of previous interventions in places like Iraq and Yugoslavia (65). In the case of Iraq, humanitarian intervention has worsened the volatile situation, giving rise to an insurgency and a corrupt government system. It appears in most of these cases that the intervening parties have manipulated the post-confli ct environment in their favor without any consideration for the welfare of the domestic populations. Hanlon says that Israel has constantly opposed any intervention in its internal issues (186). He further alleges that Israel does not allow any third party to decide over the question of a separate statehood for Israel. Need for Humanitarian Intervention On the question of whether humanitarian intervention is justified in the Israeli-Palestinian scenario, one needs to