Thursday, March 19, 2020

Book Awards Open to Self-Published Books

Book Awards Open to Self-Published Books Book awards have made great strides in broadening eligibility rules to allow authors to submit self-published books. When I first began collecting information about awards for published books, many of them only accepted submissions and nominations from publishers themselves. This has changed. The following is a list of some of the many book awards that are open to self-published authors. Some of the awards are limited to authors writing in specific genres, while others have a regional focus. North Street Book Prize Winning Writers recently announced it is sponsoring the North Street Book Prize, aimed at recognizing outstanding self-published books. Categories for this first year are Mainstream/Literary Fiction, Genre Fiction, and Creative Nonfiction. The cost is $50.00 per entry, and the winner in each category will receive $1,500 plus a variety of marketing services. Two honorable mentions in each category will receive $250. All contestants receive a selection of helpful guides for publishing and promotion. The Foreword Reviews INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards Accepts self-published books in more than 60 categories/genres, including Fantasy, Humor, Travel, Juvenile Fiction, Picture Books, and True Crime. The early-bird entry fee is $79, plus two copies of the book, for each category in which the book is entered. The top three winners in each category receive publicity and can order stickers to put on their books. Monetary awards are given to one best â€Å"fiction† and one best â€Å"nonfiction† book. The Eric Hoffer Award for Independent Books Offers awards in several writing categories, including Poetry, General Fiction, E-book Fiction, and E-book Nonfiction, as well as categories Debut-litzer Prizes The literary non-profit organization Late-Night Library sponsors the Debut-litzer Prizes for a first work of fiction or poetry. Submissions are accepted from authors or publishers, and self-published works are eligible, provided the work is the â€Å"first† in the genre Thorpe Menn Literary Excellence Award Presented American Book Awards The Before Columbus Foundation sponsors the American Book Awards, which has no restrictions on self-published books. It is open to anyone, and there are no categories; awardees are selected solely based on literary excellence. The cost to enter is two copies of the book. While there is no monetary prize, award winners are formally recognized at a ceremony, and are given publicity through the Before Columbus Foundation website. Other awards include the Minnesota Book Awards (, the Brockman-Campbell Book Award (, the Lambda Literary Awards (, and the Hurston/Wright Legacy Award ( Although these do not have restrictions on self-published books, other eligibility requirements may apply. Please refer to award websites for complete and updated information, as well as details on entry deadlines.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Unos vs. Algunos †Spanish Grammar and Word Usage

Unos vs. Algunos - Spanish Grammar and Word Usage When used to mean some, meaning an indefinite number, algunos and unos are usually interchangeable - it doesnt matter which one you use. However, there can be some subtle differences between them. Here is a guide to know where the choice of word might make a difference: Approximations Unos, but not algunos, can be used when making approximations (approximations can be expressed in other ways as well): Tenemos unos mil quinientos discos de mà ºsica clsica. We have some 1,500 classical music discs. With de The phrase algunos de is far more common than unos de to mean some of: Estos son algunos de los monumentos ms extravagantes del paà ­s. These are some of the most outlandish monuments in the country.La compaà ±Ãƒ ­a planea pasar algunas de sus tecnologà ­as a cà ³digo abierto. The company is planning to put some of its technologies into open source.Algunos de mis mejores amigos son espaà ±oles. Some of my best friends are Spaniards. In contrast with otros If a sentence is contrasting some with others (otros), either algunos or unos can be used to mean some:  ¿Por quà © unas personas pueden bailar y otras no?  ¿Por quà © algunas personas pueden bailar y otras no? Why can some people dance and others cant?Las emociones son como el mar, unas veces airado, otras veces tranquilo. Las emociones son como el mar, algunas veces airado, otras veces tranquilo. Emotions are like the sea, sometimes angry, sometimes peaceful.Algunos vieron la pelà ­cula, otros no. Unos vieron la pelà ­cula, otros no. Some saw the movie, others didnt. In contrast with none If the emphasis is on some as opposed to none, algunos is more commonly used. The emphasis in such a case isnt so much on number as on existence: Algunos soldados pueden dormir con cualquier ruido de fondo. Some soldiers can sleep through any kind of background noise.Sà © que algunos me comprenden. I know that some people understand me.Algunos creen que son ms importantes que Dios. Some believe they are more important than God. Sources: As with most lessons on this site, sample sentences are adapted from a variety of sources written by native Spanish speakers. Among the sources consulted for this lesson were: Espacio Latino, Fayerwayer, Foro de Blogger,, Planetanuncios, Tadforo, Yahoo Mà ©xico.